50k race diet weekS before

By | November 25, 2020

50k race diet weekS before

I may have also had a beer. Just as importantly you need to try to rest your mind. Prepare your kit An easy way to keep yourself occupied during the week before your race is in preparing your kit. If you don’t like pizza that is weird but treat yourself right to whatever food tickles your fancy and eat plenty of it. The following plan assumes you have a solid marathon or two or more under your belt and the critical experience and base-building that comes with it. How can I get access to the free e-book on trail running? Have a go-to pre-race dinner and breakfast that you know will not mess with your gut. At the end of the run, pee if you need to, then re-weigh yourself. What do you like to eat before a race? These exercises will make you stronger, faster, more stable and give you consistency in your training.

The week before any big race is a time of stress. Not only is the race looming large, but you are tapering and running less, which leaves plenty of extra time for fretting, frantic packing and repacking of kit and making rash decisions which have the potential to jeopardise your race. To avoid too much worry during race week I like to have a plan for how I approach my final race preparation. Here are 10 areas to focus on in the week before your ultra. Even at shorter distances it is likely that early starts and anxiety will cause some disruption to your sleeping patterns close to the race. Thankfully you can help mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation by banking sleep before the race. Instead this is one to work on throughout race week. Try to go to bed half an hour early each night and you will be amazed by how much more refreshed you feel come race day. There is a lot of talk about carb loading in the run up to a big event, but for me the most important areas to focus on are getting plenty of nutritious food and avoiding trying anything new. If you normally eat chicken and rice before a long run, eat chicken and rice. Stick to your normal portion sizes or you are likely to feel sluggish and bloated come race day. If you struggle with digestive issues during an ultra then it may be worth reducing the amount of fibre you eat for the last few days before a race.

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