Actor does liquid ice cream diet

By | February 15, 2021

actor does liquid ice cream diet

More in Weight Loss. To replicate the character’s sickly look, he exercised multiple times each day and went on a liquid diet for nine weeks. The Oscar winner gained 20kg to play modern day prospector Kenny Wells in the upcoming movie, Gold. To become Trevor Reznik in The Machinist, he starved himself with only a latte and an apple per day, reports People. While he successfully gained almost 70 pounds for the role, he also gave himself gout in the process. We can age you up. Yes, nine weeks. Luckily, he shed it by the time he had to waltz down the red carpet!

Unlike most civilians’ jobs, actors not only have to be incredibly talented in their respective field, they also have to be willing to warp their appearance if a role calls for it. Read on to see which guys gained or lost several pounds to portray their characters—and then don’t miss our definitive list of the 50 Best Ever Foods for Men! I remember thinking this when Bradley Cooper makes his first appearance in the film American Sniper. And I, along with others I am sure, were not wrong with that observation! The actor gained an impressive 40 pounds in just 10 weeks to play the burly Chris Kyle. Prior to the film, Cooper was pounds—but with the help of celebrity trainer Jason Walsh, he was able to get big in a small amount of time. The actor had to eat nearly 6, calories per day to put on that impressive amount of weight. At his peak, Cooper clocked in five sets of eight reps of heavy rack pulls a type of deadlift exercise with more than pounds! Shortly after they finished filming, Cooper had to lose 10 pounds in two weeks and then another 20 to play a chef in another film called Burnt. Perhaps one of the most intense—and quite frankly one of the most dangerous—weight loss stunts was performed by Christian Bale for his role as insomniac Trevor Reznik in the The Machinist. Bale lost 63 pounds by running and replenishing with a less-than-adequate meal of an apple and a can of tuna per day.

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Next: The film was heralded by critics, and this actor transformed for the role. And though she lost the weight under direct supervision, fans grew concerned over her shrinking frame, USA Today reports. He must have eaten a wealth of high protein snacks throughout the course of the day to maintain that epic muscle gain! Excessive belly fat is more concerning than storing weight in the hips and thighs because that visceral fat is the precursor to a long line of heart disease and even Type II diabetes. He claims putting on the pounds—along with the bushy beard—made him feel like he aged a decade. Yeah, thought so. From calorie-a-day diets to drinking pints of ice cream, these actors and actresses know what it takes to change their bodies in preparation for a new film. Sections U. And People reports she also went on an insane diet to accurately portray a woman who was stranded for 41 days.

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