Adherence to diet in diabetes

By | January 27, 2021

adherence to diet in diabetes

In order to promote diabetic management, associated factors for adherence to medications, diet, and physical activity PA need to be more clearly identified amongst patients with T2D. This cross-sectional study was conducted on men and women amongst patients with diabetes who were registered in ten special diabetic clinics in Shiraz, Iran from November to April Levels of adherence to medication, Mediterranean diet MD, and physical activity were measured with validated and appropriate questionnaires. Adherence to medication among low, moderate, and high levels was In addition, adherence to MD among low, moderate, and high levels was 5. Levels of adherence to medications, diet, and PA amongst patients with T2D are not within the acceptable range. Recognized associated factors that contribute to adherence might improve diabetes management and allow one to tailor the appropriate message to improve glycemic indices. Asia is a major region affected by the rapidly growing worldwide T2D epidemic [ 1 ].

Aim: Diabetes is considered a worldwide epidemic syndrome affecting a huge number of people. Most of the people with diabetes could not adapt to the established diabetic regime. This study aimed to evaluate the factors affecting adherence of diabetic patients towards recommendations of diet and exercise and to assess effect of patients’ adherence on glycated haemoglobin HbA1c. Data were collected through face-to-face interview using a standardized questionnaire. Data were organized, verified and analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Science s, version Results: A total of participants were included in this study, of them The rate of adherence to diet and exercise was Conclusion: The rate of adherence to both diet and exercise among type-2 diabetes patients in Yemen was low, and it could be attributed to a combination of several socio-demographic and clinical factors.

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Diet AL-Qadasi for his assistance with the statistical analysis. A possible viet for this could be increased awareness amongst patients with diabetes as a result of annual diabetic campaigns dlabetes patient education at the registered diabetic clinics. Global prevalence diet diabetes: estimates for the diabetes and projections for There have been attempts adherence determine the psychosocial factors that might influence effective adherence to medical recommendations in diabetic patients described in the literature. Regarding family income, the salary of adherence One possible explanation for this could be the growing awareness of patients with diabetes that has contributed to reducing the diabetes of sedentary lifestyle in the last decade.

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