Best diet for fatty liver and insulin resistance

By | January 8, 2021

best diet for fatty liver and insulin resistance

The epidemics of obesity and diabetes are to blame. Fatty liver disease isn’t confined to any one group, and there doesn’t seem to be pronounced gender differences, but studies suggest that Latinos are disproportionately affected. It’s primarily a condition of middle age, although children may get it, too. Fatty liver disease is rapidly becoming more common in Asia, and some research suggests that men in India may be especially susceptible. The prevailing theory is that the condition gets started because of insulin resistance, which is, in turn, frequently a consequence of obesity and excess fat tissue in the abdomen. When people are insulin resistant, their muscle, fat, and liver cells don’t respond normally to insulin, so levels of the hormone — and the blood sugar it ushers into cells — build up in the blood. As a result, the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease increases.

Kristina M. Utzschneider, Steven E. This review outlines the evidence linking insulin resistance and NAFLD, explores whether liver fat is a cause or consequence of insulin resistance, and reviews the current evidence for treatment of NAFLD. Evidence Acquisition: Evidence from epidemiological, experimental, and clinical research studies investigating NAFLD and insulin resistance was reviewed. Evidence Synthesis: Insulin resistance in NAFLD is characterized by reductions in whole-body, hepatic, and adipose tissue insulin sensitivity. The mechanisms underlying the accumulation of fat in the liver may include excess dietary fat, increased delivery of free fatty acids to the liver, inadequate fatty acid oxidation, and increased de novo lipogenesis. Insulin resistance may enhance hepatic fat accumulation by increasing free fatty acid delivery and by the effect of hyperinsulinemia to stimulate anabolic processes.

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