Does diet soda make you fat

By | November 6, 2020

does diet soda make you fat

Researchers from the George Washington University revealed that youngsters who drink low-calorie drinks consume around extra calories a day than those who drink water. Researchers from the George Washington University have revealed that youngsters who drink low-calorie drinks tend to consume around extra calories a day than those who drink water. In the study, the researchers looked at the diets of 7, children and teens from until The analysis revealed that participants who drank diet sodas consumed around extra calories a day than water-drinkers. The researchers hope the findings will encourage youngsters to ditch either sugary beverages or diet drinks, in favour of good old water. For a healthy alternative to sugary sodas or diet drinks, Dr Sylvetsky suggests flavored sparkling water with a splash of percent fruit juice or water with a few pieces of fruit mixed in. By Shivali Best. Diet Coke Image: Getty.

Despite drinking diet drinks, overweight and obese people still consumed more calories than those who were a healthy weight. Diet Coke Image: Getty. Large studies have linked diet soda to preterm delivery.

In a May study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, researchers studied over 3, pregnant women and their infants and found that mothers that frequently consumed diet beverages drinks with artificial sweeteners were two times more likely to have babies who were overweight or obese at one year after birth compared to women who consumed fewer artificially sweetened drinks. The study analyzed data from people ages 65 and older who were asked, every couple of years, how many cans of soda they drank a day, and how many of those sodas were diet or regular. Those answers ended up being extremely predictive of abdominal-fat gain, even after the researchers adjusted for factors like diabetes, smoking and levels of physical activity. Those who fell in the middle — occasional drinkers of diet soda — gained about 1. That change in waist circumference is especially concerning because it highlights an unfortunate truth about weight distribution: the belly is a bad place for extra pounds. The kind that pads the abs from the inside, called visceral fat, is associated with increased cardiovascular disease, inflammation and Type 2 diabetes. Though scientists are still puzzling through the mechanisms by which diet soda seems to have the unintended consequence of weight gain, they have some ideas. Sugar-free sodas contain substances that sweeten up soda at times the sweetness of sugar.

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Find out if your daily caffeine fix is sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. Q: I’m a Diet Coke junkie. Despite having 0 calories, could this habit be sabotaging my weight-loss efforts? A : In a word: no. While drinking diet soda every day isn’t exactly good for your health, the chances of it sabotaging your weight-loss efforts are slim. The common misconception regarding the role of diet soda and weight gain comes from a couple of studies that received a lot of media attention. One such study looked at more 6, participants and found that diet soda drinkers were 67 percent more like to have diabetes and 37 percent more likely to have metabolic syndrome a combo of symptoms that is basically where pre-diabetes meets heart disease. What’s more, data from the Framingham Heart Study, the longest running heart disease study in the US, found a percent increase in metabolic syndrome when people drank one or more diet sodas per day! Another study published in also found an association between diet soda consumption and metabolic syndrome.

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