Migraine elimination diet plan

By | January 29, 2021

migraine elimination diet plan

My migraines tend to start on Saturday mornings, ruining the weekend. I am what I eat. I change what I am, by changing what I eat. The major culprits reported as headache triggers are alcoholic drinks, chocolate, cheese, citrus fruit and additives. Sometimes these things associate with dietary change and the diet is wrongly blamed. Certain types of alcohol contain chemicals that can, in sufficiently large doses, cause headache in anyone: which leads to migraine in those who are predisposed to migraine. Alcohol hangover is very similar to migraine. Some alcoholic drinks such as vodka or champagne contain fewer chemicals; matching each alcoholic drink, with an equal amount of water can help avoid dehydration, which contributes to alcohol-related headache and migraine. Abandoning regular high dose caffeine can trigger headache.

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Written and verified by Holly Hazen. A migraine elimination diet is commonly one of the first things you are prescribed by your doctor after being diagnosed with migraines. You will need to learn to avoid your trigger foods. What I really mean is a food elimination diet that will help identify your food sensitivities causing inflammatory responses that trigger an attack. Say that three times really fast! It’s hard to say and hard to do Let me start by sharing a little of my story and then look at the foods you should avoid, and which foods are safe. And then Which will also help you determine the severity of your food reactions. Chocolate, salami, and red wine – these are well known culprits to be included in your migraine elimination diet. But it’s also your reaction s to the unknown foods we are looking to find here.

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