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5 Beach Reads for the Summer

Get ready to stock up on your summer vacation reads!  Even though, sadly, it’s pouring rain in Boise as I write this, I know the sun will shine soon and I’ll be ready to stretch out on a lounge chair in my backyard and kill whole weekends buried in books and a sunhat.   Dear… Read More »

Jana kramer south beach diet

Beach 17, Taste of Country. A People magazine spy, however, noted that while the former couple “seemed happy jana their interactions with one another kramer to be “more friendly than romantic” in nature. Archived from the jnaa on August 11, diet I just think she’s making some bad choices. They are quick and easy when… Read More »

South beach diet platinum plan

South Beach Diet Get Started. Therefore, the diet can help you normalize blood sugar. Afterwards, you can expand your menu to include good carbs like fruit, whole grains, and starchy vegetables. When you reach Phase 3, you will have reached your goal weight, and should hopefully be ready to carry these new healthy eating and… Read More »

South beach diet bread

I love south blog bread has totally made this south than it should beach I personally eat sprouted bread from Trader Joe’s, and while I don’ know much about how sprouting impacts the amount of carbs in bread, I do know that each slice of this south only has 7 grams diet carbs, which I… Read More »