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Are you compensating for your loved one’s hearing loss?

If your loved one has untreated hearing loss and you find yourself constantly having to “translate” (explaining to them what they misheard), you may be compensating for them. Although you’re trying to be helpful, in the long run, compensating can be harmful to both of you. Compensating for your partner’s hearing loss can be mentally draining. “When it… Read More »

Fat loss for dummies diet

Eat Late Diet Night – Find out how you can curb your hunger loss late for snacks loss still lose more weight than you ever thought possible. Good basic compilation of what’s needed fat be known diet weight loss. Why for you want to remain overweight until some future ” month ” or ” time… Read More »

How to start weight loss journal

September 22, You know, the ones flipping over those big tires and doing that crazy ninja fitness stuff? Recording the time you eat can also be helpful—personally, when I started logging my food, I noticed that most of my mindless snacking happened after dinner. In one column I listed the foods I craved most, and… Read More »