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Thalia launches next generation IP reuse tools for smarter, more agile semiconductor product development

Cologne, Germany – 26 January 2022 – Thalia Design Automation, provider of analog and mixed-signal circuit IP reuse platform, today announced enhancements to its Technology Analyzer and Circuit Porting tools, key parts of its AMALIA IP reuse & development platform. The new features support designers with a broader set of process technologies, plus intelligent machine… Read More »

Exercise more important than weight loss for a healthy life

A new study indicates that consistent exercise – not weight loss – contributes more towards a healthier and longer life.   The study, led by Glenn Gaesser of Arizona State University in Phoenix, analyzed the relationship between fitness, weight, heart health and longevity. Results showed that exercise, even for overweight or obese people, typically lowered… Read More »

More than 1.8million Britons say they are suffering from ‘long Covid’, survey finds

More than 1.8million Britons say they are suffering from ‘long Covid’, survey finds Office for National Statistics questioned 39,000 Britons on long Covid They found 6.2 per cent said they had long Covid from April to June this year Scientists are still not sure how many people in Britain have the condition  By Luke Andrews… Read More »

More Bad News for Masks

Mandating children to wear facemasks for long periods of time while at school and participating in other activities is an unprecedented move, one that was put into place despite no research showing the practice is safe. It’s not simply a case of “something is better than nothing,” because the act of mask wearing comes with… Read More »