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Most People Don’t Need a Covid Vaccine Booster, New Review Says

The Coronavirus Pandemic liveCovid-19 Updates Coronavirus Map and Cases Spike in Children’s Cases Vaccine Mandate Advertisement Continue reading the main story LIVECoronavirus Updates In a new review, some F.D.A. scientists and others say boosters aren’t needed for the general population. Jonea Jones, 26, right, receives her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at a free vaccination… Read More »

Fast-track drug refills prove the most common HIV service adaptation in Uganda

Healthcare providers and people with HIV in Uganda prefer clinic-based models of simplified HIV care to community-based models, Ugandan researchers report in the journal PLoS One. Convenience, confidentiality and contact with healthcare workers were judged more important to clients, so that clinic-based drug refill had been more widely adopted than other forms of differentiated service… Read More »

Unraveling the Mysterious Mutations That Make Delta the Most Transmissible Covid Virus Yet

Upon first inspection, the mutations in the highly contagious delta covid variant don’t look that worrisome. For starters, delta has fewer genetic changes than earlier versions of the coronavirus. “When people saw that the epidemic in India was driven by delta, they did not suspect it would be so bad or overtake other variants,” said… Read More »