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Most People Don’t Need a Covid Vaccine Booster, New Review Says

The Coronavirus Pandemic liveCovid-19 Updates Coronavirus Map and Cases Spike in Children’s Cases Vaccine Mandate Advertisement Continue reading the main story LIVECoronavirus Updates In a new review, some F.D.A. scientists and others say boosters aren’t needed for the general population. Jonea Jones, 26, right, receives her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at a free vaccination… Read More »

Fast-track drug refills prove the most common HIV service adaptation in Uganda

Healthcare providers and people with HIV in Uganda prefer clinic-based models of simplified HIV care to community-based models, Ugandan researchers report in the journal PLoS One. Convenience, confidentiality and contact with healthcare workers were judged more important to clients, so that clinic-based drug refill had been more widely adopted than other forms of differentiated service… Read More »