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Angelina Jolie reveals daughter Zahara’s post-surgery care impacted by race

Loading the player… The racial disparities in the medical community have been a hot topic over the last few years and now Hollywood veteran Angelina Jolie is opening up about how those systemic biases directly impacted her own child. In a Time article published Wednesday, the 46-year-old actress interviewed a medical student named Malone Mukwende, who is… Read More »

50k race diet weekS before

I may have also had a beer. Just as importantly you need to try to rest your mind. Prepare your kit An easy way to keep yourself occupied during the week before your race is in preparing your kit. If you don’t like pizza that is weird but treat yourself right to whatever food tickles… Read More »

Marathon diet day of race

Marathon take little time to absorb, so will be available diet power to burn in the first few kilometres. Hi race — just wondering about the obsession marathon manufactured synthetic energy such as Gatorade and energy gels. During the race two things will be important: carbohydrate and fluids. Recent race also suggest a dose response… Read More »