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AbbVie’s Rinvoq marches toward blockbuster ulcerative colitis nod even as JAK delays drag on

AbbVie has pegged much of its post-Humira hopes on its next-gen immunology med Rinvoq, which now appears one step closer toward what could be a $ 2 billion indication in ulcerative colitis.  The Chicago-based pharma said on Tuesday that its rheumatoid arthritis drug “significantly” topped placebo at helping moderate to severe ulcerative colitis patients reach clinical remission after… Read More »

Ulcerative colitis gluten free diet

Maintaining a gluten free diet GFD without an underlying diagnosis of celiac disease has enjoyed widespread acceptance in the USA. Three hundred fourteen Overall Testing a GFD in clinical practice in patients with significant intestinal symptoms, which are not solely explained by the degree of intestinal inflammation, has the potential to be a safe and… Read More »