The original beverly hills diet plan

By | May 29, 2021

the original beverly hills diet plan

Mazel had tried and failed to lose weight with existing programs, and developed the diet plan after spending six months working together with a nutritionist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After completing development of the program and returning to Los Angeles, she opened a weight-loss clinic whose clients included a number of celebrities. The Beverly Hills Diet is predicated on the enzymatic actions of foods in the digestive process, and controlled weight by controlling when foods were eaten and in what combinations. The plan begins with the consumption of a series of specified fruits in a designated order for the initial ten days of the program. On Days 11 to 18, the dieter can add bread, two tablespoons of butter and three cobs of corn. Sources of complete protein, such as steak or lobster, cannot be consumed until Day 19 of the plan. The diet argues that carbohydrates and proteins should never be combined or eaten on the same day. The book, published by Macmillan Publishing spent 30 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, and sold more than one million copies.

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This diet’s guidelines can be confusing to the novice dieter since it relies on specific food combinations devised with complicated guidelines to achieve weight loss. Very few restrictions as to food options are included with this diet plan, making it ideal for those individuals who have difficulty eliminating food choices. In fact, only artificial sweeteners and products classified as diet products are targeted for elimination from the dietary intake of dieters. However, certain combinations of basic food groups such as proteins and carbohydrates are included with this food combination diet. Although this diet is based upon implementing specific food combinations in order to make weight loss possible, the Beverly Hills Diet companion book is designed to help with food selections for your combinations. It clearly delineates which specific food combinations are permitted and which ones are not. This weight loss plan is especially intriguing for dieters who are looking for quick weight loss without restricting most foods from their calorie intake. Many food choices are permitted with this diet that are typically restricted from other diet plans. All of the following food options are permitted with this plan: cereals, grains, mayonnaise, oil, butter, cheese, fruit, ice cream, fish, meat, nuts, vegetables, and yogurt. The reasoning behind the choice to select only certain types of food combinations is simple. Judy Mazel believed that the body is capable of digesting some food combinations more easily than others. She designed her plan to be used for a full 35 days in order for it be effective at weight loss.

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