Vegan diet healthy for cats?

By | June 16, 2020

vegan diet healthy for cats?

If you want to switch your cat to a plant-based diet, you should do your research and work this through with a vet first. The vegan blogger in question eventually abandoned her account. I keep rats too and they are adorable pets. Jan 25, at pm. Feeding a cat a plant-based diet is a lot like feeding a cow a meat-based diet—their digestive system isn’t geared to handle it, and they will not thrive on it. However, feeding a cat a vegan diet is experimental. This natural diet of a cat is pertinent to this post; because it must be acknowledged that the standard diet fed to cats by their owners is far from natural. These include taurine, arachidonic acid, vitamin A and B The idea to use koji as a way to enter the plant-based pet food sector came from company co-founder Ron Shigeta, a third-generation Japanese-American and serial koji grower. Even if koji is a quality source of protein, is it right for both dogs and cats? If your cat is eating vegan, then you must make sure that the food you are giving them contains arachidonic acid.

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Vegan diets are rising in popularity among humans. A growing body of research suggests that going plant-based is one of the healthiest ways to live, reducing the risk of chronic disease. But while humans can ditch animal products, is a vegan diet safe for cats? Cats eat a range of foods—almost all of them animal-derived. Many cat food products include chicken, fish like salmon or tuna, as well as beef, pork, and lamb. This is often available in a wet or dry form. If they were in the wild, domesticated cats would not eat large animals like cows or pigs. They would hunt and eat small rodents, like mice and shrews, birds, insects, and reptiles.

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