Which countries have a mediterranean diet?

By | October 10, 2020

which countries have a mediterranean diet?

Spain is the healthiest country in the world, according to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index. On Sunday, Bloomberg released its annual ranking, looking at a variety of factors across countries, including life expectancy, tobacco use, clean water access, and obesity rates to determine which are the healthiest. In the previous edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, published in , Spain was ranked sixth, while Italy was ranked first. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to help with weight loss, promote heart health, and lower diabetes risk. People from Spain and Italy, the top two healthiest countries for , often eat Mediterranean-style diets, which could have played a role in their high rankings. That’s because the diet, which is low in added sugar and high in healthy fats, has been shown to help with weight loss, promote heart health, and lower diabetes risk. A study in The New England Journal of Medicine also found that diets featuring extra-virgin olive oil and nuts, two staples of the Mediterranean diet, could help prevent heart disease. Other popular items on the diet include fresh fruits and vegetables, and even red wine in moderation.

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Rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil, the diet is famed for being low in saturated fats and high in lean sources of protein like fish. Red wine, drunk in moderation, is even a bonus inclusion. If there are dietary and lifestyle differences between Mediterranean countries, which country does the diet specifically refer to? And where does the Mediterranean diet really come from? The Mediterranean diet is celebrated as one of the healthiest eating patterns you can adopt. Photo: Getty Images. The intention of the study, conducted by the Rockerfeller Foundation, was to look at how to raise the standard of living in post war Crete. The researchers eventually discovered that the healthy diet of local Cretans consisted of plenty of greens, fruit, herbs, olive oil and beans, some wine and lean proteins.

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