Who found the keto diet

By | October 16, 2020

who found the keto diet

It was late , and Lopez noticed his friend started losing weight—fast. First, you eat very limited carbs. The average American hits that at breakfast. Fruit is mostly a no, and you strictly cap vegetables. Yes, vegetables. Lots of it: marbled steak, oily fish, yolky eggs, and streaky bacon. Top it all with butter, olive oil, and lard. A classic keto diet consists of 90 percent of calories from fat, 6 percent from protein, and 4 percent from carbs. The diet is, indeed, a giant F-U to the food pyramid. His online digging led to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

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The keto diet is a science-based low-carb, moderate protein, higher fat diet with a history dating back to the early s. Many people choose the keto diet for weight loss. We review the history, growth, and relevance of the keto diet. Our ancestors recognized the health benefits of fasting as early as about BC, unwittingly instigating a state of ketosis and leveraging it for a variety of conditions. Following are just a few known historical instances of fasting as medical treatment. In the early s, a doctor named Russell Wilder from The Wilder Clinic recognized the dangers of fasting for children and explored different diets to see if something else might elicit a similar response as fasting. He discovered that you can mimic the effects of fasting by avoiding sugar and eating a higher fat diet. He tested this diet on people with epilepsy with a very positive outcome and his diet became the main epilepsy treatment for many years. In the s, new anti-convulsion seizure drugs were developed.

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In the early s, doctors used the keto diet to control seizures in patients with epilepsy. This type of fasting encourages the body to burn ketones instead of glucose, a process that proved effective for treating epilepsy in children and adults. Those who did not experience better seizure control still reported increased alertness, awareness, and responsiveness.

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